I have enjoyed crocheting since my grandmother taught me at a young age. I always crochet several different snowflakes each year to hang on the Christmas tree or attach to gifts. I hope you enjoy this free thread crochet snowflake pattern.


Free thread crochet pattern: Christmas snowflake ornament or gift tag.

thread crochet snowflake Snowflake measures approx. 2-3/4" across.
size 6 - steel crochet hook
bedspread weight cotton
stiffening solution (or white glue and water)
cardboard covered with waxed paper (for drying)

Ch 6, join with slip stitch in last ch to form ring.

ch 7, sl st in 4th ch to form picot, {ch 5, sl st in 4th ch to form picot} 2 times, {ch 4, sl st in 4th ch to form picot, sl st in next ch} 4 times, ch 3, sc in ring.

Repeat point 5 more times, to create 6 points. End last by joining to 1st ch with sl st. Finish off.

Use stiffening solution* and smooth and shape your snowflake as you pin it to a piece of cardboard covered with waxed paper to dry. Let dry overnight.

*If you do not have a commercial stiffening solution, you may use white glue thinned with a few drops of water. Simply thin the glue and fully saturate the snowflake. Squeeze out the excess moisture and smooth and shape the snowflake as you pin it to your board.
Copyrightę2002 Cheryl Smith. No commercial use or publication of this pattern is permitted, in print or on the Internet. All copies made for personal noncommercial use must carry this notice. chaosatlanta@aol.com

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