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I remember Shrinky Dinks from my childhood, but somehow I never got to make my own. I am going to remedy that now. I have just purchased the Shrinky Dinks Book by Klutz, and plan to shrink plastic to my heart's content.

I plan to add photos of the projects I create using Shrinky Dinks.

Updates: My Shrinky Dink Projects

Photo showing Shrinky Dink shrinkage scale.I completed my first Shrinky Dink project. Wow! It was so quick & easy. I traced a sunflower pattern from the Shrinky Dinks Book using a regular pencil. Then I colored the sunflower with colored pencils and outlined the entire design with a black Micron Pen.

Photo showing completed Shrinky Dink bookmark.I then cut out the design with scissors and used a 1/4" sized hole punch in the tab area.

I had no trouble with the shrinking. I used a toaster oven & was able to watch the "magic" through the window. The size of the design before shrinking was 1-1/4" across, which shrank down to 1/2".

When I selected my design, I didn't have a particular idea for a completed project. I really just wanted to try out the shrink plastic & see how it worked.

After seeing the finished sunflower charm, I decided to turn it into a bookmark. I created a long braid from green embroidery thread, which became the "stem" of the sunflower.

Photo showing handmade deco with giraffe Shrinky Dink adornment.Pictured here is another project in which I incorporated Shrinky Dinks. I used the giraffe pattern from the Shrinky Dinks Book to create an adornment for a handmade book.

I used Micron Pens to color the giraffe. They come in a wide variety of sizes & colors and work great on the shrink plastic. A simple coordinating braid (made from embroidery thread) was added to the giraffe charm to create the tie fastener for the book.

The book is a giraffe themed "deco" (artists book in which a different artist decorates each page in a handmade book according to the book theme), which I created for another artist in a group that I participate in.

The entire project came out really nice. I can see that I will be finding a lot of uses for shrink plastic.

Photo showing shrinky dink art doll.Pictured here is a project I completed using Shrinky Dinks.
(Click image to view larger photo.)

This little art doll was created from an original 9 piece pattern. My colorful "doodle" design was done with a black ultra-fine sharpie marker and colored pencils. I incorporated summertime graphics into the design - a sun, a beetle, a bee, a butterfly, a storm cloud, a sunflower and some vines.

I punched a row of holes across the top of her head before shrinking, and attached colorful fibers to create her hair. I added the little purple satin rose with craft wire.

The body sections were joined using silver jump rings. She measures just over 5-1/2" tall. I am very happy with the results! This project was so much fun!

Photo showing shrinky dink art doll.

I was recently asked about the pattern I used for my previous shrink art doll. I was unable to locate it, so I created a new pattern and made another art doll with shrinky dink plastic. This one is slightly larger and measures about 7" after shrinking, when assembled.

I used a regular black sharpie marker and colored pencils to complete the doll shown on the left.

I punched a row of holes across the top of her head before shrinking, and attached colorful fibers to create her hair.

The body sections were joined using silver jump rings.


I have decided to post the pattern for this doll as a FREE printable download. You may download the pattern and use to make as many dolls as you like. You may sell the dolls if you wish, but please do not sell my copyrighted pattern.

free patterns

Download here: Doll Template 1

The template is sized to fit on an 8" x 10" piece of shrink film. Print the template on regular paper and place your shrink film over the pattern to trace the pieces.

  • Use a 1/4" hole punch to punch holes, and be sure to double check that all holes have been punched before shrinking.
  • Due to the shape of the pieces (long and narrow), you need to watch them carefully during baking. Be prepared with a wooden dowel, or wooden spoon handle, or wooden ruler to gently flip them over if they roll during shrinking. Don't panic - most of the time they will curl and then uncurl and flatten just as they are supposed to do.
  • Ribbon or string may be used to join pieces, instead of jump rings. A crochet hook may be used to pull the ribbon or string through the holes.

Halloween Fun

Shrinky Dink Halloween Buttons.

I am already in the Halloween mood! I made these little Jack O'Lantern buttons using a 1" circle punch. I simply punched my circles from Shrinky Dink plastic, then drew my little faces with a black Indian ink pen. I colored them with colored pencils, and punched holes on the sides with a 1/8" punch. The buttons shrank down to just under 1/2" and are really cute! The buttons are for decorative use on my art projects ~ not for use on clothing.

Shrinky Dink Halloween Charms.

I also made a few Halloween charms. I doodled my designs on paper and then traced along on the shrink plastic using my Indian ink pen. I colored them in with colored pencils and punched holes with my 1/8" punch.

I plan to use the charms on Halloween themed chunky book pages.

More Project Photos

Shrinky Dink Inchie Charm

Inchie Charms

I made some cute 1"x1" shrink plastic charms for a swap. They were made with pen & colored pencil on shrink plastic, with mini charms and fibers added.

Click photo to view full image of 6 charms.   NOV 08

Shrinky Dinks Ideas

Now that I know how easy it is to use shrink plastic, I'm sure I will come up with lots of project ideas.

... jewelry, keychains, magnets, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, gift tags, luggage tags, wine glass charms, room mobiles, scrapbook or journal embellishments, ID tags, name plates, pet ID's, shoe decorations, zipper pulls, art dolls ...

What other uses have you come up with for shrink plastic?

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