Plushies - gallery of my original plush figures created from felt, as well as links to other plush stitch sites.

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Plush Dolls & Monsters:

Kitty Cats:
I recently stitched an adorable pair of kitty cats from an original pattern. Measuring just about 7-1/2" tall, these cats were created with a variety of felts using careful, precise stitching.

I appliqued felt cutouts to both the front and back of each cat. There was no glue used - everything is firmly stitched in place by hand, with the exception of the white satin ribbons tied in bows around their necks.

The tan colored cat has a backing of green, and the pale pink cat has a backing of darker pink.

I plan to list them for sale at my Etsy shop:

plush cat
click for larger photo
plush cat

Pocket Monster:
This cutie is hand stitched from purple and white felt, with embroidered details. He measures just under 5-1/2" tall and features a tiny pocket, just big enough to hold a tooth, a lucky charm or coin.

I'm not sure if I call him a pocket monster, because he has a pocket -or- because he is small enough to fit in your pocket.

art doll
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I signed up for a Halloween doll swap & thought that if I made 2 dolls, it wouldn't be as hard to send one off for the swap. Okay, that didn't work... now I have to separate the "sisters". Uugh!

They are just about 7" tall & handstitched from felt. I made the little spider sister a coordinating purple bag with a web on it. The bag is just big enough to hold a Hershey's miniature candy bar, which she will take with her on her journey.

art doll
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Summertime Doll:
I made this doll for a Summer Doll swap. She is pretty funky. I love the colors - bright & hot like a Summer day. She is just about 11" tall & handstitched from felt.

I used a few embellishments that aren't visible in the photo... She has shiny glass bead earrings, burgandy button joints at her shoulders, a felt rose in her hair, and tiny polymer clay flowers attached to the front of her dress.

summer art doll
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My other Art Dolls have been moved to their own page: Art Dolls.

Plush Goodies:

I saw some plush food in a blog a few weeks ago & just knew I had to make some plush goodies, myself.

Plush Peppermints:
These little plush peppermints are just a bit larger than 1" across. They are hand stitched from felt, and I believe each took about an hour from start to finish.

I suppose I could have added little smiley faces to give them personality, however I opted for a more realistic approach.

plush mints
click for larger photo

Plush Cupcakes:
Hand stitched from felt, these cupcakes are life-size, 0 calorie eye-candy.

I had a lot of fun making them... I think they each took about 3 hours from start to finish, but I am very happy with the results.

plush cupcakes
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I just had to add a photo of the "Southern Red Velvet Cake" plush cupcake that I made.

I have been selling a few of my cupcakes at my little Etsy Shop.   Click Here to see what handmade items are currently available.

plush red velvet cupcake
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Plush Cherry Pie:
My latest plush food experiment is this slice of cherry pie. It is stitched by hand in felt to real life size.

This slice of pie was quite a challenge. I ended up doubling the felt for the crust and stitching each layer individually. I am happy with the results & have listed the pie for sale in my etsy shop.

plush cherry pie
click for larger photo

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