I hope you enjoy knitting this Barbie doll sweater. If you have already knit this pattern, feel free to send a photo of the finished item to be displayed on this site. You will receive full credit, of course.


Free Knitting Pattern:

Textured Sweater for Barbie

This sweater fits 11-1/2" doll (Barbie)
size 3 knitting needles
bedspread weight cotton

R1) K1, (*P1, K3) repeat to last st, K1
R2) P
R3) K3, (*P1, K3) repeat across
R4) P

Front/Back (make 2):
Cast on 23 st
R1-3) Knit
R4) Pearl
Work pattern until piece measures 3"
end with P row, bind off

Sleeve (make 2):
Cast on 15 st
R1-3) Knit
R4) Pearl
Work pattern 1 time
(should measure approx. 1" long)
end with P row, bind off

Sew sleeve seams.
Sew shoulder seams 1/2" on each side, leaving 2" neck opening.
Attach sleeves, and sew side seams.
Copyright ęCheryl Smith, 1998. No commercial use or publication of this pattern is permitted, in print or on the Internet. All copies made for personal noncommercial use must carry this notice. chaosatlanta@geocities.com

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