This page features a quick tip for using a simple crochet chain to create a durable pom for a knit or crochet cap.



Traditional pom-poms look great, however the strands of yarn seem to pull out fairly easily, no matter how tightly they are tied. I'm not sure how well these hold up with repeated washing, so I have devised a way to make a sturdier pom-pom. These sturdier pom-poms are just as simple to make.

For a small pom-pom - (approx. 1 1/2" across). Begin a simple chain leaving a 6" strand of yarn at the beginning. Continue the chain until it measures about 2 feet long. Cut the yarn off, leaving a 4" strand. Pull the yarn through the last loop & tighten to lock the chain.

Now, thread the longer yarn strand through a needle and pull through the 8th chain from the end you are starting at. Continue running the thread through each 8th chain, working in accordian fashion, until you reach the end. Now tie the two yarn strands together tightly and spread out the loops until you have the ball shape. That's it! You are ready to attach the little pom-pom to your project.

To make larger pom-poms, simply make a longer chain, and when running the needle through, go through a wider increment of stitches. (Every 16th stitch, for example)