Crazy Quilting


This page features information about, and samples of Crazy Quilting.

Crazy Quilting seems to fall right in my wheelhouse. I have so many beads, buttons, threads, fibers, lacey bits and bobbles that are just waiting for the right project! I love to try new stitches and use up all of those little fabric scraps and such.

My Projects:

Under the Sea - (my favorite so far)

click image to view stitch key

I made this little art quilt / fabric chunky page for a friend in one of my swap groups. Many of the stitches were first time learning experiences.

This mini crazy quilt measures 5" x 5" and is embellished with all types of goodies (I even included a couple of "Shrinky Dinks"). Click the image to bring up the stitch key and see what else is included.

Crazy Quilting Links:

Craftsy Article
Introduction to crazy quilting and basic info.

Awesome eye candy and info! TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) featuring a new stitch to learn each week.
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Quilter Blogs
Regularly updated from blog posts of several quilters.

Crazy Quilting International
Showcase of work from the Crazy Quilting International facebook group. This group hosts crazy quilt "postcard" swaps & such!