Polymer clay is available under many brand names such as Sculpey and Fimo. It is a very versatile medium and bakes to a hard finish in a regular oven. Polymer clay is available at your local arts & crafts store.

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How-To Make Simple Clay Roses

Take a pea sized ball of clay between your thumb and index finger.
Flatten the clay very thin.
Roll the clay into a curl on your thumb.
It should look like this.
Now flatten another ball of clay and roll this one around the first.
Add more petals to your flower. (usually 5-9 total)
Excess clay accumulates at the base.
Simply slice off with tissue cutter or exacto knife.

Bake finished polymer clay roses according to instructions for your type of clay. These polymer clay roses are great for using as an embellishment on jewelry or craft projects including barrettes, picture frames and candle holders to name a few.