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Something Wicked This Way Comes

wicked chunky book

This Halloween themed collaborative book was my first participation in a chunky book project and was completed in November 2005.

A total of 17 artists participated in this project, creating pages in a wide variety of mediums and styles. Page size measures 7" high by 3" wide. Embellishments include ribbons, fibers, tags, beads, plastic spiders, charms, and more! One of the memorable items included in the book is a tiny handmade Ouija board hidden in a matchbox!

Below is a picture of one of the pages I contributed (front and back): wicked chunky book

Before I even started work on my pages, I knew I wanted to include a handmade dangling charm. I made several little bat charms using "shrinky dinks".

To create my page, I used handcarved rubber stamps (bats and bones) on an inked background. I masked off the moon before inking and used a brayer to cover the backgrounds. I highlighted the stamped images with a metallic silver gel pen to add a little sparkle.

I used torn paper to create a border and pocket on the front. I used an awl to punch holes 1/4" apart along the edges, for stitching. I used a blanket stitch with 2 strands of orange floss for the edging. I handstitched every page (20 pages)!   When the edging was completed, I added eyelets to the lefthand side of the page. I then attached my bat charms with purple embroidery floss.

Next I stamped the little verse on the back side of the pages. I used the Celtic alphabet Pixie stamps. I can't believe how long it took to stamp all of the pages (letter by letter)... but I like the slightly crooked, crazy look it adds to the page.

In the front pocket of every page I tucked a little Jack O'Lantern finger puppet. These were hand stitched from felt & each of the 20 has a different facial expression. I spent about an hour stitching each of the puppets.

I think that the many hours I spent creating my pages was well worth the effort. The book is really special and something I will enjoy for years to come.

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