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flying pig pages

I created these animated "Flyin' Pig" pages for a swap at Nervousness.org.   The swap should be completed and returns sent out in February.

The pages were cut from white cardstock 8" x 4", then folded over to create an inner pocket for the moveable parts. The pink backgrounds were painted with a drybrush technique to create a cloudy sky. The page borders and clouds were handdrawn on each page with pen and ink. The pages are mechanical. When you push & pull the tab at the bottom, the pig flaps his wings!flying pig pages

I added an eyelet and attached a little pink hangtag with the word "dream" stamped on it.

The reverse side of the page is painted and inked liked the front, but also includes pink butterfly punch outs, as well as my contact info.

I don't know how these pages will "go over" with the other artists... I'm hoping that they are enjoyed.
I get the feeling that many of the other artists prefer collage and more traditional art, however I like to mix things up and create in a variety of styles with interactive elements.

Update: Book Completed

chunky bookReceived my copy of this amazing book! There are quite a lot of treats inside... so many wonderful pages.

chunky book

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