Pages made for chunky page swap covering a variety of themes.

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Pages for the May 2006 Swap

cheshire cat themed page

I created these Cheshire Cat themed pages for a monthly open themed page swap at

On the page fronts, I penciled in a rough sketch. I used markers to add color to the sky, grass and flowers. I then rinsed most of the marker ink off to give a softer appearance. I drew the Cheshire Cat image with black ink and colored it in with sparkly gel pens. I added highlights to the grass and flowers with sparkly gel pens.

I used an awl to punch evenly spaced holes around the page edge, and stitched a border with pink embroidery thread.

The page backs were simply created by stamping with my carved cork stamps, using a variety of ink colors. Then I added my "info" to the pages and I attached eyelets and colorful fibers to finish them off.

Pages for the June 2006 Swap

chunky starfish page

I began these pages by painting the backgrounds. The fronts were created from tan cardstock, which I painted using a spatter technique with acrylic paints in various colors. I created a sandy beach effect with the paint.

I created a starfish pattern and cut out several felt starfish shapes. I stitched french knots along each of the starfish arms and then I stitched them to the cardstock using a modified blanket stitch.

I then attached a few beads to the page, which gave the appearance of sea glass or small pebbles. I completed the page fronts with some stamping.

chunky starfish page

The page backs are very simple. I painted cardstock with a loose flowing motion in several shades of blue, green and violet to create the background.

I then attached a verse from "When you wish upon a star", and added my standard info.

I glued the fronts and backs together, and added eyelets and fibers to copmplete them.

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