Interactive Magic 8-Ball themed page made for chunky page swap.

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Magic 8-Ball Chunky Book Pages

magic 8-ball pages

I created these "Magic 8-Ball" pages for a January 06 swap at The pages measure 4" x 4" and each page has a slightly different color scheme.

magic 8-ball animationThe pages are interactive and have moveable elements. Each page features a rotating wheel on which the answers are printed, as well as a tab that pulls down, opening the window to reaveal the Magic 8-Ball's answer.
          see animation ------->

I added a little shrinky dink charm that looks like an 8-Ball to each page. I used the backside for the Magic 8-Ball instructions and my contact information.

I hope everyone who receives one of these pages gets a kick out it! And who knows... maybe the Magic 8-Ball really does have all the answers.

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