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I am the proud new owner of a 1" American Button Machine (Thanks, Dad!), and these are the very first buttons I ever made!
my first buttons
I can't believe how easy it was! I thought there would be a slight learning curve, as I had never even seen a button machine in person ... but I just read the instructions & had my first button made in seconds.

I am already addicted to making buttons. I ordered a punch and a bunch of button parts, and while I am waiting for them to arrive ... I will be making button graphics.

I plan to post some free button images here for 1" buttons.

Button Parts:

Button Boy Inc ebay store
*This is the only place I have found to purchase hand held punches ($39-49)that are sized for button making. This store carries a wide variety of button parts (magnets, versa backs, mirrors, keychains, etc..), as well as button makers and cutters.

Buy Button Parts ebay store
Erica and Ryan sell several sizes of button parts and button makers.

remmy28's ebay store
Joe (remmy28) has decent prices on button parts for 1", 2-1/4", and 3" buttons!

KungFuCowgirl's Etsy Shop
If you are looking for a small quantity of button parts, try this Etsy shop. She is a bit pricey on the larger quantities, but you can pick up 50 sets of 1" button parts for about $6. ($10 for 100 sets)


Flickr Pinback Button Creators & Collectors Group
Lots of photos to enjoy and inspire.

American Button Machines Blog
Regular posts with lots of tips and ideas. Updated on a regular basis. Sidebar includes several how-to videos. Questions are answered quickly in the attached forums.