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Button Crafts

I have some good memories of visiting my Grandma when I was a small child. One of those memories includes a tin full of buttons which I would sort and play with. What is so fascinating about a tin full of buttons?

I still have a fascination with buttons & love to use them in craft projects. Here you will find a few of those projects.

Button Wreaths

button wreath
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This little button wreath was simple to make. I made a wreath shape by tracing a circle around my coffee cup onto a piece of cardboard. Then I traced a smaller circle around a thread spool, in the center of the large circle. I cut out my wreath shape and painted it dark red.

Next I used white tacky glue to glue buttons onto the wreath shape. I started with larger buttons and filled in with the smaller buttons. I added the little satin ribbon bow to the front and a loop of wire as a hanger to the back to finish it off.

Button Fairies

Have you heard of "Button Fairies"? Here are a few art doll "button fairies" I made for art swaps:

Winter button fairy art dolls Mixed media button fairy art doll.
Valentine button fairy art doll

More information about my button fairies is posted on my art dolls page: http://hobbyloco.com/artdolls.html

button egg

Button Egg

I glued pastel buttons onto the egg form using white tacky glue. I then filled in the spaces with pastel beads and microbeads.

I used a wooden egg that I had on hand, however these could be made with any egg form (styrofoam, plastic, or a hollowed out real egg).


button tree

Makin' Projiks - This beautiful button tree is made by pinning buttons to a styrofoam cone. You don't need to glue the buttons & can reuse them later for another project if you choose.

button tree

Balzer Designs - Create a lovely heirloom with a framed button tree. Tutorial by Diane Payne.

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