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Carnival historian and model builder Fred Heatley of Laurens, SC has announced that the Carnival Historical & Model Builders Society is in the process of re-forming and will start operating as a club again in 1999.

Although the organization has been dormant since 1989, Heatley has been successful in getting a number of former members to serve on a steering committee and he will guide the initial efforts for the first year and then call for a proper election of officers according to the club's original by-laws.

Heatley stresses that the organization will once again become a club possibly using a slightly different title and will publish a required annual financial statement so members will once again know how their dues money is being used and where it is going.

Members will also receive an annual roster of membership and new members' names and addresses will be published in the club's publication on a regular basis. Heatley feels it is important for members to know who else belongs to the club so there can be an interchange and discussion among members regarding all matters of collecting and studying carnival history along with model building plans and ideas.

Plans call for a publication, plus national and regional gatherings on carnival midways and other interesting locations where members can see and enjoy carnival equipment, models and memorabilia. Other special events, activities and ideas are also in the works.

The original Carnival Historical & Model Builders Society of America was formed in 1966 by the late Art Speltz along with Bill Hall, Bill Curtin, Chet Vradenburg and several others. The club held many interesting and memorable gatherings on carnival midways, published an informative newsletter and annual roster, offered photographs at special prices to members and provided the basis for considerable interchange of material and information among its members.

"Carousel", the name of the club's newsletter, was taken over by its present editor as a private business venture so rather than get into any kind of legal battle, Heatley states that a new name will be selected for the club's publication. "Carousel" no longer represents the original organization and is presently attempting to position itself as a competitor to "Amusement Business".

Bob Goldsack, publisher of many carnival books and the periodical "Midway Journal Illustrated", has agreed to serve as editor of the publication.

Dues will be $25 a year and should be sent along with all inquiries to Fred Heatley, 1922 Neely Ferry Rd., Laurens, SC 29360. He can also be reached at 864-575-2110 or Email: