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Welcome to my hobby site. I am definitely "hobby loco". I like to try new things and have decided to share my tips, tricks and information about my many hobbies. On this site you will find free patterns, and lots of how-to pages!

Hobby Categories:

Arts / Crafts:

Altered Books
ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)
    (my cards - separate site)
Art Dolls
Beading - (free patterns)
Button Crafts
Button Making - (pinback buttons)
Charms: Handmade
  : Bottlecaps
Chunky Books
Egg Decorating
Free Graphics
Journals & Sketchbooks Blog
Junk Journals
Mailart: Artistamps
Mailart: Postcards
  : Crazy Quilting
  : Crochet
  : Cross Stitch - (lots of free patterns)
  : Knitting
  : Latch Hook
  : Plush Stuff
  : Stitchery
Papermaking - make recycled paper Pocket Shrines - themed art works that
  fit in your pocket
Polymer Clay - (Sculpey, Fimo, etc..)
Shrinky Dinks


Contests / Giveaways
Pixel Paint by Number Logic Puzzles
  How-to info, sample & links to available
  nonogram, griddler, and tsunami
  puzzle books. (separate site)
Scale Model Building
  : Faller Carnival Ride Models
  : Faller Booths/Shows
  : IHC Carnival Ride Models


Atlanta (Info and Links)

My Other Sites:

My Hobby/Craft Blog
My Sketchbook & Journal Blog
My CafePress Shop
My Etsy Shop
    My handmade goodies for sale.
Happy Holidays Fun Site
    Family friendly site featuring holiday
    themed games and puzzles.

Swap Groups (Mail Art):

ATCsforALL.com - A swap group offering many types of ATC swaps as well as other types of trades. There is a feedback system in place to help protect you from unscrupulous swappers.

IUOMA - International Union of Mail-Artists. Don't join unless you are ready to send and receive lots of mailart! Themed groups to cover many interests.

Swap-Bot - Swap group for everything! Includes all types of swaps such as: ATCs, postcards, plushies, themed swaps of handmade and purchased items.

Postcrossing - Send and receive postcards from places around the world. Themed swaps in the forum.

Have You Seen?
My Button Wreath

Have You Seen?
My Egg Ornament

Winter Fun Anyone?

(puzzles and games)

Recent Updates:

My Stitching Blog - 26 JUN 22
Progress stitching updates to 10 of my projects.

Journals & Sketchbooks Blog - 22 MAY 22
Mixed media art page in one of my Junk Journals.

My Stitching Blog - 28 SEP 21
Progress stitching "Women of the Mayflower", and update to Bothy Threads "Cut Thru' Pirate Ship" and "Pandemic Sampler".

Art Dolls - 14 SEP 21
Page updated.

My Stitching Blog - 29 AUG 21
Finished stitching "Berry Patch Rooster", and update to Bothy Threads "Cut Thru' Haunted House".

Journals & Sketchbooks Blog - 26 AUG 21
"Cats in the Garden" art.

Journals & Sketchbooks Blog - 06 AUG 21
Recent Art including "Fish Doodle" and hand colored postcard

My Stitching Blog - 12 JUL 21
A small finish: Skating Snowman ornament.

More Updates are On the Way!

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