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halloween fun online word games puzzles

Use the clues to solve the puzzle.
You may type any character into each box.
For example:
Type an "X" to mark the boxes as you eliminate possibilities.
Type an "O" to mark the correct solution.

1) Petey Pig did not hand out popcorn.
2) Pippin Pig does not live in the wood house.
3) The pig that lives in the straw house, handed out popcorn.
4) Petunia Pig handed out apples.
5) The pig who handed out chocolate, does not live in the brick house.

Three little pigs, who each lived in a different type of house, handed out treats for Halloween. Use the clues to figure out which pig lived in each house, and what type of treat each pig handed out.
 Petey Pig
 Petunia Pig
 Pippin Pig
 apple Answers