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Petey Pig lives in the wood house,
and handed out chocolate for Halloween.
Petunia Pig lives in the brick house,
and handed out apples for Halloween.
Pippin Pig lives in the straw house,
and handed out popcorn for Halloween.
The LOGIC behind the answers:
Petey Pig did not hand out popcorn (clue 1)
or apples (clue 4),
so Petey Pig handed out chocolate.

Petey Pig did not live in the straw house (clue 3),
Petey Pig did not live in the brick house (clue 5),
so Petey Pig lived in the wood house.

Petunia Pig handed out apples (clue 4),
so Pippin Pig must have handed out popcorn.
Then Pippin Pig must live in the straw house (clue 3),
and Petunia must live in the brick house.