In the time that I have been online I have had a lot of fun playing games and entering contests to win prizes. On this page you will find a list of the many prizes I have won through online gaming, sweepstakes and prize drawings.


When I Won, Where I Won, What I Won, & How I Won (and YOU can too!)

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08/99 $10.00 Played games, earned points, entered drawing!

04/99 Combo:
Digital Camera I was the 1st person to make a sale, as an affiliate.

04/99 Combo:
X-Files Computer Game
and X-Files Video
Had sales over $100, as an affiliate.

03/99 SpeedyClick T-Shirt Played games & voted to earn points. Traded points for prizes.

05/97 Clickin 10 min. Phone Card Took A Survey!

02/97 The Bingo Zone $2.50 (split $5 pot) Played Bingo to win!

11/96 Dreamworks Games "Neverhood" T-shirt Entered Drawing!

10/96 AT&T College Network Mousepad Took a quiz!

09/96 Reader's Digest Survey Site - (survey now closed) $25.00 gift certificate for videos or music CDs Completed a survey!

07/96 The Bingo Zone $5.00 Played Bingo to win!

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