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I have some good memories of visiting my Grandma when I was a small child. One of those memories includes a tin full of buttons which I would sort and play with. What is so fascinating about a tin full of buttons?

I still have a fascination with buttons & love to use them in craft projects. Here you will find a few of those projects.

Button Wreaths

button wreath
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This little button wreath was simple to make. I made a wreath shape by tracing a circle around my coffee cup onto a piece of cardboard. Then I traced a smaller circle around a thread spool, in the center of the large circle. I cut out my wreath shape and painted it dark red.

Next I used white tacky glue to glue buttons onto the wreath shape. I started with larger buttons and filled in with the smaller buttons. I added the little satin ribbon bow to the front and a loop of wire as a hanger to the back to finish it off.

Button Fairies

Have you heard of "Button Fairies"? Here are a few art doll "button fairies" I made for art swaps:

Winter button fairy art dolls Mixed media button fairy art doll.
Valentine button fairy art doll

More information about my button fairies is posted on my art dolls page: http://hobbyloco.com/artdolls.html

button egg

Button Egg

I glued pastel buttons onto the egg form using white tacky glue. I then filled in the spaces with pastel beads and microbeads.

I used a wooden egg that I had on hand, however these could be made with any egg form (styrofoam, plastic, or a hollowed out real egg).

Button Deals!

(Link had been changed, but is now fixed.)

Dick Blick: one pound bags of buttons! - (just a few dollars!)

I purchased 2 bags of these buttons in November 2010, and each bag weighed slightly more than 1 pound. One bag contained nearly 850 buttons, and the other contained nearly 900 buttons! There were only 5 or 6 chipped or broken buttons in each bag. Some of the buttons did feel slightly dirty, but for the price - I am not complaining.

I recieved a good variety of colors and sizes, a few shaped buttons (hearts, flowers, squares, triangle, etc..). Most of the buttons are the flat variety and perfect for crafting! Several buttons have brand names imprinted on one side, but that actually doesn't bother me. The buttons ranged from 1/4" up to 1-1/2" in size.

Here are photos of the buttons I received from the Dick Blick one pound assortments: (click to view larger)

button assortment button assortment


button tree

Makin' Projiks - This beautiful button tree is made by pinning buttons to a styrofoam cone. You don't need to glue the buttons & can reuse them later for another project if you choose.

button tree

Balzer Designs - Create a lovely heirloom with a framed button tree. Tutorial by Diane Payne.

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